Are you tasked with building a corporate website? Learn your options and discuss your struggles as you hear from others in the same boat.

Building a website can cause massive headaches. There are so many platforms you can use. There are so many ways to approach a website build. And you may find yourself not truly understanding any of them—while needing to choose one.

At this roundtable discussion, you will receive a breakdown of the main platforms and approaches you can take. Each one will be practically explained along with a detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each. And there will be time to discuss the specific issues facing those in attendance.

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Thursday Apr 19
Website Roundtable at 7:00 pm
Maker Moments

What is a Maker Moment?

Events have a name at Horst Arts. We call them Maker Moments.

And while many of our events will be geared toward crafters and artists, we will also be offering workshops and sessions for the general public—from how to manage your photos to how to get started creating a website.

With the recent move into our new location at 17 North Main Street in Manheim, we used the opportunity to create an amazing space for events. We offer a bright, unique environment. And our ten foot scrap wood round table keeps everyone engaged. So whether this is the first you're hearing about Horst Arts, or if you've been walking by our storefront and peeking in the windows, check out our event list above!

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