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Art that you can wear!

Everyone loves buttons! And they’re extra fun when they’re your own creation. But you say, “I’m not artistic—I don’t know how to make a pretty button.” That’s where collage comes in. We break out books and magazines and other sources of pretty things, and you essentially create four miniature collages based on colors and imagery you like. When you’re happy with your circular creations, you use our button machine to turn your masterpieces into wearable art.

Each participant gets to make five custom buttons. This is a great activity for all ages. Children love it and teens love it—but we’ve found that adults love it even more. And the great part is that this makes for a fantastic mobile event. We can bring this workshop to your location and base it around a certain theme. At one event it was all about The Chronicles of Narnia. Another mobile event was a celebration at Rock Lititz where the theme was “Common Threads” and participants were encouraged to integrate thread into their button creations.

Or you can select our Book Button workshop as the activity when you rent Horst Arts for a birthday party (kids OR adults)! It’s also great for weddings and bridal/baby showers. This is a no-stress activity that brings out the creativity in even the most art-hesitant folks.

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